AAS Annual Meeting

AAS Annual Meeting
March 26-29, 2009
Sheraton, Chicago

Each spring, the AAS holds a four-day conference devoted to planned programs of scholarly papers, roundtable discussions and panel sessions on a wide range of issues in research and teaching, and on Asian affairs in general.

Workshop and panels relating to Ming studies

Workshop: “Two Perspectives on the Ming."  Six panelists will discuss two recent books:
Susan Naquin, Lynn Struve, and Ann Waltner on Jonathan Spence’s <Return to Dragon Mountain>, and Michael Tsin, Harriet Zurndorfer, and Tim Brook on Tim Brook’s <Vermeer’s Hat>.
Time: 7:00-9:00, Friday
Location: Ontario Room

Session 44: Visualizing Order: Images and the Construction of Legal Culture in Ming and Qing China
Co-Organizers: Yonglin Jiang and Yanhong Wu, Bryn Mawr College
Discussant: Edward L. Farmer, University of Minnesota

Session 45: The New Military History of Mid-imperial China (Song and Ming)
Organizer and Chair: Michael Szonyi, Harvard, Canada
Discussant: Leo K. Shin, University of British Columbia, Canada

Session 114: Jesuit Book Culture in Late Imperial China
Organizer: Anthony E. Clark, The University of Alabama
Chair and Discussant: Cynthia J. Brokaw, The Ohio State University

Session 118: The Mandate of Heaven at the Local Level in Imperial China
Organizer: Sarah Schneewind, University of California, San Diego
Chair: Xiaofei Kang, Carnegie Mellon University
Discussant: Robert P. Weller, Boston University

Session 140: Historicizing “China” and the “Chinese”
Organizer and Chair: Mark C. Elliott, Harvard University
Discussant: Lydia H. Liu, Columbia University

Session 168: Appropriating Crafts, Owning Knowledge: Chinese Handicrafts and Proprietary Issues from Pre-modern to Present Day
Organizer and Chair: Dagmar Schaefer, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
Discussant: Madeleine Zelin, Columbia University

Session 192: The Sinew of Power: Capital, Trade and Gunpowder in East and Southeast Asia, 1100-1683
Organizer and Chair: Wing-Kin Puk, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Discussant: Peter C. Perdue, Yale University

Session 213: ROUNDTABLE: Spreading Feng Menglong’s (1574-1646) “Words"
Organizer and Chair: Robert E. Hegel, Washington University
Discussants: Shuhui Yang, Bates College; Yunqin Yang, Bates College; Lorri Hagman, University of Washington Press; Allan Barr, Pomona College; David L. Rolston, University of Michigan; Kimberly Besio, Colby College

Session 232: New Perspectives on Wang Xizhi
Organizer and Chair: Antje Richter, University of Colorado at Boulder
Discussant: Paul W. Kroll, University of Colorado at Boulder

Session 247: Theater Beside Itself: Transmutations of the Theatrical in Thirteenth to Seventeenth-Century China
Organizer: Ling Hon Lam, Vanderbilt University
Chair: Yuming He, The University of Chicago
Discussant: Catherine Swatek, University of British Columbia, Canada

Session 248: The Social Life of Boudoir Arts in Late Imperial China
Organizer: Yuhang Li, University of Chicago, Canada
Chair: Angela Sheng, MacMaster University, Canada
Discussants: Dorothy Ko, Columbia University; Marsha S. Haufler, University of Kansas



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